Terms of Service

2022-04-03 WooMai Labs

0. I don't want this TOS to be filled with useless and redundant language like others, but just want you to know what you can and can't do. This TOS are subject to change in the future.

1. Please do not use the Service for purposes that would annoy others (such as unwanted advertising).

2. Please don't make us hosting something that is not allowed by the Cloudflare's Terms of Service (yes, it's stupidly long, but you know what I mean), but we won't act if we don't receive a complaint (nobody would pay us if we checked every paste).

3. Although we are open to automated uploads of pastes using the API, please take care of the volume of requests - after all, storage costs money and this service is free at all - and it is best to keep it under 200 KiB per hour. (See JavaScript source code of the homepage to figure out how to use the API)

4. We do not provide any guarantee of uptime or data safety. We don't back up much, your data may be lost at any time. We may shut down this service at any time without warning due to drunken root or zombie activity, etc.

5. The content of this Terms of Service is licensed under CC0.


2022-04-03 WooMai Labs

0. 我不想让这个服务条款变得又臭又长,只是想让你知道什么能做而什么不能做。本文后续可能会修改。

1. 请不要出于让别人困扰的目的(如广告SPAM)使用本服务。

2. 请不要让我们托管 Cloudflare 服务条款(是的,又臭又长,但你知道我是什么意思)所不容许的内容,但是如果我们没有收到投诉就当没看见。

3. 尽管我们欢迎利用 API 自动化上传 paste, 但是请注意请求量,毕竟存储要花钱而这是个免费服务,最好每小时能控制在 200 KiB 以下。(API 使用方式请见首页 JS 代码)

4. 我们不提供任何在线时间或数据安全保证。我们不怎么备份,你的数据可能会在任何时候丢失。本服务可能随时由于酒后 root 或生化危机等原因而随时无预警关闭。

5. 此服务条款基于 CC0 许可发布,你想怎么抄就怎么抄。